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As a former magazine Editor, I bring stories to life and can make people pay attention to your brand  -- whether on a pageon social media or on YouTube. On this site, you'll find my CV, what I've achieved, and examples of my past work.

What I Love  Doing

Content Creation  Writing and Copywriting

Interviews Campaigns Cover Stories Consulting

Digital Marketing Creative Initiatives Social Media Project Management Shoots

To produce a magazine or quality content, you need to have the ideas, have crazy-attention to detail, and also be able to stick to a deadline.

I have been in publishing since 2010, have eight years' worth of experience in the magazine industry, and have also started my own business. I'm available for projects or full-time positions.

Past Clients & Collaborators

At CLEO Malaysia, the team and I worked on projects with a range of clientele. Here are just some of them.

We also worked on content collaborations with these partners.

 Work With Me!

Working from Home

I'm looking for talented writers who are either out of work, looking for extra income, or want full-time work to connect. Get in touch with me and I can potentially connect you with clients or businesses who need content writing or content solutions. 

Businesses, talk to me too, as I might have the right writer to work with you!

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