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Advertorials and Special Projects

Updated: May 28, 2020

Here are client collabs and special Awards and projects that were produced by CLEO Malaysia.

Print may not be the most popular medium in this era but it's a niche product which is intrinsically valuable. When done with a shared vision and with a strict formula, the end result can really leap out at you.

For one, an magazine's visuals need to have an impact (before Instagram even happened), typography matters more than you know, a layout has to stay fresh, copy needs to "POW!" and work within a limited space.

Here are just some of the work the team and I did for the print magazine while I was Editor. I've indicated my role in each project.

Liese advertorial: Editor, Art Direction

CLEO Beauty Hall Of Fame: Concept

NARS showcase: Editor and Project Manager

Laurier Advertorial: Editor

CLEO Beauty Steals: Vending Machine Concept

CLEO Skin Savers: Face Aid Kit Concept

CLEO Beauty Hall Of Fame: Yearbook Concept

CLEO Beauty Hall Of Fame: Most Wanted Concept

CLEO x Dior Instagram Stories campaign: Concept and Project Manager

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