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CLEO's Print Magazine Editor's Notes

Updated: May 27, 2020

Here are some of CLEO Malaysia's Editor's Notes from the print magazine (snippets taken from 2018-2020).

It's not always easy putting pen to paper (or words to a screen) knowing that readers are going to be absorbing what you've said about the issue. I was in the enviable (and I suppose, sometimes unenviable) position to write about the magazine issue and what went into making it -- the inspirations that we had, the themes of the issue, and the main stories we wanted to showcase.

Here are some that I've compiled for your slow reading. I hope you enjoy reading these introductions to the magazine the team and I loved quite a lot!

CLEO Ed's Note - Jan/Feb 2020
CLEO Ed's Note - Jul/Aug 2019
CLEO Ed's Note - Nov/Dec 2018

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