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CLEO Malaysia Instagram -- Examples Of Posts and Layouts

Updated: May 28, 2020

At the magazine, the Editorial and Marketing teams were in charge of the social media content (yes, on top of everything else!).

The team and I were in charge of the daily posting of content onto CLEO's Instagram. This was because the Editorial team was best placed to report news and content as it broke; we worked a roster of planned content, content that crossed platforms, and up-to-the-minute news.

It's important to note that Instagram is a visual platform, so we made sure that the visuals were not just strongly curated and produced, but it also resonated well with the audience.

The Instagram page was a collective effort of the team, as the writers were the ones who planned and came up with ideas (which they'd run by me), and the Art team created strong graphics and a recognisable identity (via typography and colours) that made our Instagram page to shine. I oversaw all this, approved captions and did my own postings too.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through!

CLEO COOL KL 2020: Editor and project approver


An even curation of: News, something social, something funny, a personality, an Instagram event we were hosting

An even curation of: News, a meme, Instagram event, and a YSL series of beauty tutorials on IGTV

An even curation of: News, something social, a giveaway, a website story, an Instagram event

An even curation of: Social and beauty news, personality interviews, and reporting of significant dates (World Book Day and Earth Day)

An even curation of: A food round-up, fashion news, a greeting, PM's address, and Instagram event

An even curation of: News/good to know, well-wishing, client video, meme, beauty news

An even curation of: Meme, website content, Event attendance

An even curation of: CLEO-produced video, social news, products shot by us

An even curation of: Greeting, informative guide, and significant magazine project

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