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CLEO x CHANEL - Creative Project

Updated: May 27, 2020

As an Instagram-forward campaign, this was a creative project I concepted for Chanel for their cleansing range.

Chanel, the leading luxury brand, had released a range of cleansers in the early part of 2018. The range offered differing textures that catered to different skin types, concerns and requirements. These texture types were unique to the beauty world: Cream to foam, milk to water, milk to water, water to milk... So what would have been a creative way to communicate this to the world?

I found that a project that was purely sensorial was not enough -- the sell wasn't their fragrance or how they smelled. It was how more about how they felt and how they would transform on skin. The textures made it. So, we at CLEO wanted to communicate it with foods and elements of food that were similar to the textures and experiences that the user felt.

CLEO shot and produced this, and posted it on a specially-created Instagram page that was dedicated solely to this project: Cleanse With Chanel. We tied up the project with a high-tea and a skincare consultation with lucky readers.

CLEO x Chanel - Concept and ideation, Art Direction

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