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CLEO x Velvet Vanity Take Me Out Lipstick Shade

Updated: May 28, 2020

In a magazine-first in Malaysia, we collaborated with local cosmetic label Velvet Vanity to create and market a new shade called "Take Me Out".

We were always, ALWAYS on the lookout for amazing opportunities and when the CLEO Marketing team reported that there was a possibility to create our own CLEO-red lipstick shade, we were floored. It took months of discussion and planning by the marketing team, with me and CLEO's Art Director in consult.

We designed the packaging, and shot and produced the campaign. The CLEO Marketing rolled out a countdown, a flash sale, and planned an event. CLEO x Velvet Vanity Take Me Out Lipstick Shade was made available in December 2017 and we celebrated with an intimate launch event with readers and influencers.

CLEO x Velvet Vanity Shoot concept and Art Direction: Lina Esa

Styling and Coordination: Natasha Iman

Art Direction: Mils Gan

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