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CLEOBuzz Episodes

Updated: May 28, 2020

CLEOBuzz is a YouTube "talk show" I concepted with the team with the aim to speak to the Gen Z of Malaysia.

In 2020 we're inundated by content -- so much so that there's a saturation and there's no real authority or focus. However since we had CLEO as a platform for young readers (targeted towards first-jobbers, 18-33 years old), I wanted to pivot the business to YouTube and bring the youth of Malaysia something that was unique and made for them.

CLEOBuzz was a fashionable, bright and celeb-worthy talk show that was centred around fashion, beauty, celeb news, celeb interviews and reader interaction. We even managed to interview Ryan Reynolds on one episode.

We piloted an episode of CLEOBuzz and continued with another 6 episodes, which were in-studio and out of the studio. I hope you enjoy the content and the fun buzz we brought!

Concept: Lina Esa

Hosts: Aina Nur Sarah, Keisha Ryman, Lina Esa

Videographer and Video Editor: Lucas Moujing

Art Director: Mils Gan

Styling: Lim Lee Ann

Fashion Direction: Voon Wei

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