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Halal Beauty article for Vogue Singapore

Mid-2020 I was given a brief by Vogue Singapore to find out more about Halal Beauty in our region.

I was invited to pitch ideas for Vogue Singapore that was going to launch in September. They wanted to know more about diversity in the region and get to know a bit more about Halal Beauty.

Even though there are plenty of Halal products everywhere in Malaysia and Indonesia, it was tough to get that balance just right for Vogue. There are some brands that are Halal by "nature" aka you just assume they're Halal because their founders are Muslim, but they lack the Halal certification.

So it took a while but here we are -- 5 brands that have Halal certification but still have that cool, wow factor, and have great stories behind them.

Also, I had my first byline in Vogue. Dream come true!

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