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Published Writing - Beauty Stories

Updated: May 27, 2020

Here are some of the CLEO Malaysia beauty pages that I wrote.

As Editor of the magazine, I had the responsibility to oversee writers' works and contributions. A lot of the time, events, press trip invitations and brand launches also came up and I found myself enjoying writing about beauty.

Beauty was a challenge -- not because it wasn't enjoyable, but it was tricky. Since there are always a lot of beauty launches, and there is so much out there, it takes a lot for people to pay attention. Why would anyone need to know more? Why would they read this? What is so special about this serum that seems to work just like this other serum?

I found the answer was that the reader always had to come first, and the 'fun' bit in doing these stories was to find that one angle, or 'hook' that'll keep readers interested.

Here are just some of the published stories for you to enjoy.

Jan 2019 - Dyson article written after a press trip to Bangkok

May 2019 - A feature after I had interviewed the Co-founder of Benefit Cosmetics who was in town for a new campaign
Sept 2019 - A feature on Sand & Sky after interviewing the co-founder
Sept 2019 - NARS new launch
Nov 2019 - A feature on Sephora Collection after interviewing their Senior Brand Manager
Jan 2020 - A feature about body hair positivity
Mar 2018 - An example of our Awards page
Mar 2020 - Beauty copy for the Trend Report
Mar 2020 - Beauty copy for the Trend Report
Mar 2020 - Beauty copy for the Trend Report

Nov 2019 - Feature on Marc Jacobs Beauty after a session with their make-up artist

Jun 2018 - A feature on a new Bulgari fragrance launch after one ambassador flew in to Malaysia

Mar 2017 - A feature on a new Chanel release

Jan 2017 - A feature on the new Chanel fragrance release

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