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Published Writing - Features and Cover Stories

Updated: May 27, 2020

As Editor, I handled the magazine's cover stories and some main feature writing, too.

At CLEO, I was responsible for putting together the cover and cover story, and for most part, writing the introduction and the interview. The process has multiple layers as it involves various parties (as well as tight deadlines!).

The process for a cover placement involves me (and sometimes, the editorial team) pitching potential cover personalities to management to see which images and/or personalities were suitable for that month. Once we get the go-ahead, I would be in contact with the image providers/publicist/third party/the artistes in order to arrange the necessary.

Sometimes, we would carry out the shoots and interviews, other times, we get access to licensed syndicated shoots (however, this needs the celebrity's explicit approval, so this needs a buffer of a few weeks).

Other times, we work through third parties who can arrange provision of the images and the interview for us. This can take weeks and is an ongoing process for all the cover placements. Getting a cover confirmed is always a thrill!


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