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Work With Me!

As an Editor, I still have contacts in the media and get approached for writing work.

My aim right now  would like to expand this further and find out who's keen to work with me, so I can gather a pool of writers who I can potentially connect with clients that require good quality solutions.

If you're a writer, drop me your details for my safekeeping and I'll get back to you for further information should opportunities arise.  Do indicate the important parts below -- where I can see your work, what is your forte, and what is your availability.

If you're a business looking for content solutions, do also get in touch with me as I am looking to offer a range of solutions to suit your company's needs. 

(P/S: if you're a PR or with a brand that just needs more exposure, let me know and I can work with you on solutions.)

Writers -- Sign Up With Me 
What do you specialise in?
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Thank you for registering as a writer with me.

Are you a publication or a business that needs content or solutions? Leave your details and I'll be in touch with you.
Psst, are you from a PR or a brand that wants to know more? Tell me!

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